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Circuit Training

With Sustain Fitness Glasgow

Join us for classes every Monday and Wednesday evening  at 6.30pm.

Only £3.50 per class

Suitable for individuals of all fitness levels in a friendly encouraging environment.

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Why exercise?

  • to maintain a healthy weight
  • to strengthen your bones and muscles
  • decrease the risk of developing certain bdiseases including type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure
  • to have fun and get more out of life.

Benefits of exercise

  • it is good for your general health
  • it can improve your heart health
  • you will have more energy to enjoy your family and other activities
  • it is good for your mental health
  • live a fuller life.

Looking for something a bit more personal – get one-to-one sessions focusing on your own personal needs. If you sign up for Personal Training you will have FREE entry to the Monday and Wednesday classes at the Brunswick Centre to help aid your fitness.

Call Rose on 07759108834 to find out the cost and for a free consultation at a mutually convenient time.