The Sprinburn Park Heritage Trail

The Springburn Park Heritage Trail features QR-coded signposts around the park, including notable sites like the Winter Gardens, ponds, James Reid monument, and Doulton column. Scan the code with your phone to access videos created by local school children, providing insights into each point of interest.

Inspired by COP26, the trail aims to enhance children's knowledge of their community's green space and promote community engagement with local heritage. It involves collaboration between schools, the Brunswick Centre, and the community, with QR codes enabling convenient participation.

The project has two objectives: education and community benefits. It enhances children's research and artistic skills, fostering a deeper connection to history, heritage, and culture through guided park visits and creative expression. Furthermore, the trail encourages outdoor activities for mental well-being and physical exercise, particularly during the Covid recovery period.

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St Martha's Primary

St Catherine's Primary

Balornock Primary

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