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Brunswick Saturday Night Quiz

About the game
The quiz will start at 6pm and last 1 hour
There will be 4 rounds
Each round will be 12 minutes followed by a 3 minute break
How it works
When each question begins the first to buzz will be called out to answer

If the correct answer is given, a point will be given

If the wrong answer is given, the question goes to the next person who buzzed

At the end of the quiz the family with the most points will win the prize
Items Needed
2 Devices - 1 for zoom and 1 for the buzzer
Zoom Link
  1. Go to https://tinyurl.com/BrunswickQuizZoom
  2. Follow instructions to install zoom on your device
Zoom is a video platform where you will be able to watch the quiz live. We recomend using a tablet or laptop for the use of the bigger screen.
Buzzer Code
code 494087
How to setup
  1. Go to https://buzzin.live/play
  2. Enter the game code 494087
  3. Enter your family name
  4. Click join
This is your buzzer, use it to answer a question, first to buzz gets to answer. 1 buzzer per house.
Use the buzzer on a different device from zoom.