Digital Work
The Brunswick has been offering Digital Support to local residents of Balornock & Barmulloch via our Digital Library service since the start of the Covid pandemic. This service has since evolved into The Brunswick Digital Learning Service at the request of local people who participated in the project, we now offer bespoke & intermediate level lessons in various Digital Platforms all with an aim of making you more familiar/confident in using common software.
Our Aims
Modern Learning
Provide a safe & inclusive informal learning experience.
Improve Digital Skills
Equip residents with the skills needed for a Digital World.
Get everyone online
Tackle the issue of Digital Exclusion & Connectivity.
To encourage, support, enable and empower people to be connected to their communities, and to act on their ideas, issues and interests.
Digital Work Programs

Digital Inclusion

Tackling Digital Exclusion in Balornock & Barmulloch


1 to 1 Support

Assisting the community with there digital learning. Tailored to the need of the individual


Silver Surfers

Using platforms such as Zoom, Teams etc


School Support

Working with parents to ensure confidence with course work.


Group Work Support

Assisting the community with there digital learning