In the past we have had many local people raise funds for us! All money raised for the Brunswick centre goes straight back into front line services.

If you are interested in raising funds on our behalf, please get in touch for a fundraising pack! This pack includes Brunswick T-shirts, a fundraising bucket and sponsor sheets for your event. -

Past Fundraisers

Scott Thompson
Mark McGougan
Joe Smith
Gerry Deighan
Gavin Campbell
Nicky feeny
Paul Lawson
Paul McColgan
Darren Goudie
Jason Tollan
Glasgow Academy
Gerry Goldie
Shaw the Butchers
Andrew Goldie
Tony Bhoy Ray
Stephen McShane
Derek McShane
Springburn Royal Mail Drivers
Stephen Lindsey
Robert Heaney
Rossvale FC
Mick Drummond
West Park Lions
Craig Casey
West Park Whites
The Invisibles
Grace McIntyre
Caroline Reilly
Mark Reilly
Jack Reilly
Nathan Jagger
Mckenzie Jagger
Mya Jagger
Pamela Crawford
Pam Crawford
Laura Littler
Diana Viola
Jade Chrisite
Sammy Monteith
Debbie MacDonald
Stuart Ward
Tel Bhoy CSC
Milburn CSC