Community Work
The Brunswick works to transform people’s lives by having a significant and positive impact on the communities we serve. We have expertise in community development, education, youth, digital learning, housing and more. This knowledge allows us to cater for all life stages. Our services are delivered by two operational teams: the Brunswick Community Connectors & the Brunswick Youth Service. They are backed by our successful management team, who ensure our communities direct everything that we do
Community Development has always been at the heart of everything we do at the Brunswick and the recent pandemic has demonstrated the need for our services now more than ever. During the Government Restrictions we consulted with over 1,500 residents & service users, this feedback has helped to identify the services we now deliver.
Our Aims
Health & Wellbeing
Improve the communities’ health and wellbeing, by the provision of services to meet their social, emotional.
Reduce Poverty
To reduce poverty within communities by meeting people’s employment, educational and training needs; by providing SQA certificated courses and qualifications.
To encourage, support, enable and empower people to be connected to their communities, and to act on their ideas, issues and interests.
Safe Space
To provide a caring, trusting environment, which will bring people together to foster positive community relations.
Employment Opportunity
To increase the number of community members who have the skills to seek, gain and maintain employment on a long-term basis.
To be a thriving, sustainable, inter-generational organisation with an ethos rooted deeply in the communities we serve.
Community Work Programs
Contact us for more details on the programs

Parent and Toddler Group

The Brunswick has a number of successful Parent & Toddler groups which operate within the Brunswick Centre daily. The aim of the service is to provide a free early learning provision to local residents in Balornock, Barmulloch & Springburn which aims to provide a friendly, inclusive, fun, safe, educational learning environment for preschool age children. The service is further complimented by offering parents support in Employment, Health, Wellbeing, Housing & Finances.


Monday - 9:30am to 12:00pm

Wednesday - 9:30am to 12:00pm

Friday - 9:30am to 12:00pm

Autism Group

For Balornock, Barmulloch, Springburn
Coming soon

Buggy Walk

A walk around Springburn park for you and the kids


Thursday - 10am

Wellbeing Wednesday Walking Group

Meets weekly & conducts walks in Springburn Park to improve health & wellbeing. Open to local residents


Wednesday - 12pm

Community Steering Group


Mens Group


Tuesday - 12pm to 3pm

Womans Group


Thursday - 12pm to 3pm

Men’s Mental Health Group

Informal peer to peer support group. Open to local residents

Pensioner Club

Meets weekly & holds a dinner & dance at the end of the month. Open to local residents

Service User Committee

Meets monthly to devise & develop new services. Open to Community Members

Table Tennis Club

Every Saturday & Sunday. Open to local residents with an interest in the sport

Walking Football

Weekly games for over 50’s. Open to local residents