Youth Work
The Brunswick has been operating a Youth Provision in Balornock, Barmulloch since 1947. Our first official Youth Club (Boys Club) started in 1951 & we have continued to provide positive Youth Work/ Provision which aims to promote Positive Citizenship, Aspiration, Informal Education & Outdoor Learning in a fun & safe environment.

Recently we have extended our Youth Provision into the Springburn area, with various activities, Street Provision & Group Sessions on offer.
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Our Aims
Provide Positive Direction
Provide Positive Direction in Young People’s Lives.
Health & Wellbeing
Promote Health & Wellbeing in our Young People.
To encourage, support, enable and empower young people to be connected to their communities, and to act on their ideas, issues and interests.
Reduce Poverty
To reduce poverty within communities by meeting employment, educational and training needs; by providing Employability Opportunities & or bespoke Enterprise Opportunities.
Youth Timetable
The Brunswick offers services for Young People living in Balornock, Barmulloch & Springburn aged 8 - 16 & is split into two age categories.
The Junior Club

8-11 year olds

Tuesday to Saturday 5pm to 7pm

The Senior Club

12-16 year olds

Tuesday to Saturday 7pm to 9pm

Youth Work
January - June 2022
Images from our youth programme from January to June 2022
August - December 2021
Images from our youth programme from August to December 2021
Youth Projects
Climate Change Project
Our Youth Committee conducted 6 interviews with local politicians about climate change. They focused on the work our politicians do to address the issues both locally and nationally by conducting interviews with pertinent questions surrounding the future they will inherit.
Youth Forum
Our young people have developed a Youth Forum for ALL young people in Balornock & Barmulloch. They meet once a month to discuss and tackle issues within the community.
Our girls enterprise group created there own online business selling make-up. They fulfilled each part of the process from marketing by making online videos to packing and sending orders.
School Service
Our talented staff can develop bespoke educational programmes to suit the needs of the school curriculum and in line with projects or specific learning requirements of the teachers and pupils. This has been a welcomed addition to the schools we have worked with thus far.
If your school could benefit from this service please email us at
Words from our Juniors

Likes doing new activities and seeing her friends. She has learned to be kind and thoughtful to other children. Her favourite activity is football.


Likes to play football and learn new skills. He loves it when we all go the park together. Anthony said he has learned to have courage and confidence to join the football team. His favourite activities are football and basketball.


Loves making new friends and seeing all the staff. She has learned new dance moves and was able to make up a dance. Her favourite activities are going to the ark and doing the street games with the staff.

Words from our Seniors

I have enjoyed the girls group becuase we have learned about sexual health and the changes to the human body as a group. I like how close the group have become and we now feel comfortable talking to each other about things we may be worried about.


I like playing football at the club. It was good as after lockdown we were able to increase our fitness and build our teamwork skills across the various age groups


I enjoy taking part in cycling with the club as we are able to explore Glasgow. I have learned about road safety whilst having fun with my friends.