Consultation Results

The Brunswick Centre has been operating in the communities of Balornock & Barmulloch for over 70 years. We are known historically as a organisation you access during times of crisis, this is due to both our longevity & also the many generations we have directly provided support to over the years.

The COVID pandemic saw the Brunswick lead the response locally against COVID-19 by providing the areas food support & resilience response to the issues the pandemic presented, whilst maintaining our Youth Services in creative new ways & distanced learning. All services the Brunswick provided during the height of the pandemic ensured no stigma attached to those individuals & families whom required support, this ensured we gave direct & speedy assistance to those families & individuals most in need.

Due to the good faith the community bestowed upon us, we launched the Brunswick consultation in June 2020 as a means of identifying the key challenges our communities & families faced as we returned to some sort of normal life. As a result of this consultation, the Brunswick has took this feedback to develop a number of services that aim to address the needs of the area as we move forward in a era of uncertainty. This can be seen in the ‘What We Do’ section of the website.

Many of the services developed are now operational, with others following as the months progress & we enter into the second stage of the crisis. The Brunswick has always been a community led organisation, however the COVID pandemic accelerated plans & demonstrated that we are much more than a local youth organisation.

As a result the Brunswick has transitioned to a Community Development Trust to ensure our communities directly influence our future direction & have a greater say in how we develop services which aim to build resilience for residents moving forward.


Mental Health = 36%

Education = 27%

Wellbeing = 25%

Family Support = 21%

Training/Employment = 18%

Wellfare = 18%

Youth Work = 15%

Food Support = 10%